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Local Attractions

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From the ancient to the modern, Amman holds different options for tourists to immerse themselves in the fabric of the city.

Old Downtown
Downtown is the spiritual and physical heart of Amman, and it’s the place where the city's street life comes to life. It has the archetypical feel and look of the old Middle Eastern souk with its shops selling traditional ware, spices, Arabic music with traffic and voices, and sellers hawking clothes, coffee, cigarettes or trinkets on the street. Among this hustle and bustle, old downtown is dotted with Ancient Roman ruins and Ottaman archaeological sites. Places of interest include the Roman Amphitheater, the Hashemite Plaza, Hashem's restaurant, Habiba, Jafra café, and the old post office building.

Rainbow Street
Amman's most famous pedestrian thorough-fare, the 1.5 kilometer street is dotted with the city's most happening venues; with traditional coffee houses, contemporary espresso bars, cozy hideaways for organic tea-lovers and swanky DJ venues, alongside antiques shops, craft studios, edgy fast-food hangouts, and the coolest restaurants. It is also home to Souk Jara, with its multitude of stalls selling everything from spices, to the coolest t-shirts, and ceramic works. The souk opens every Friday in the summer months. Other places of interest on Rainbow Street are Wild Jordan, Nabad Gallery, print gallery Jacaranda, and Beit Shocair.

Abdali Downtown Area
Designed to be a modern corporate environment, Abdali is the capital’s new central business district. Visitors can expect to shop and dine at a myriad of luxury and specialty stores with unique scenic rooftops and outdoor terraces that offer exquisite food and beverage concepts. Abdali is the ideal tourist destination, bringing together a mix of the finest hotels, serviced apartments, cafés and restaurants, as well as a host of local and international fashion boutiques.

Jabal Al Qal’a (Citadel Hill)
Jabal Al Qal’a (Citadel Hill) overlooking one of Amman's highest hill, has stunning panoramic views of the old downtown. The site has been settled since the Paleolithic Age, more than 18,000 years ago, and is the site of the Ammonite city of Rabbath Ammon. Today the most impressive, surviving monument is the huge Umayyad palace complex on the upper terrace of the Citadel, dating from the first half of the eighth century. The same site also house the impressive Roman Temple of Hercules, with its massive columns vividly framing the sky, and the location is used for concerts and events in the summer and spring months.

Jabal Webedieh
With its myriad of art galleries and old cafes, Jabal Webedieh is one of Amman's best kept secrets. Stroll along some of Amman's oldest institutions and pleasant areas, among Ottaman mansions and signature cafes. Places of interest include the Jordan Gallery of Fine Arts, Paris Circle, and the French Embassy.

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