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Name Change

Choosing to keep your maiden name or taking your spouses family name or a mix of both is a decision that is based on where you live not where you legally marry.

If you are a resident of the province of Quebec you may not take your spouse's family name but instead must keep your maiden name.

In the province of Ontario you have the choice to take your spouse's name, keep your maiden name or take both e.g.: May Jones (maiden name) Smith (spouse's name). They may either be hyphenated or not.

Costs may apply should you wish to keep both names and your registrar's office should be contacted.

If you decide to change your last name legally you must contact your registrar's office and fill out all the necessary forms, immediately following the marriage, as there is a time limit without costs. After the limit has expired, it can become a costly experience. In order to change your name legally: ALL documentation must be changed including banking information, credit cards, birth certificate, driver's license, health card and social insurance card. This may become a lengthy experience but not costly should you meet all the requirements before the cut off date.