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Aqua Aerobics
Excellent way to lose weight, beat cellulite and tone up faster. It gives you a more intense work-out than an ordinary exercise, plus it’s gentle for the joints and gives greater benefit for the heart.
Zumba Dance
It is a combination of dance and aerobic elements, which involves salsa, samba, meringue and hip-hop moves. It’s an excellent work-out to improve your cardiovascular system, improve your coordination, for weight loss, and a perfect stress buster.
Dynamic Yoga
Experience the benefits to both body and mind, as you lead through a basic repertoire of yoga postures. Emphasis will be placed on proper alignment and safe body mechanics, while creating an equal balance of strength and flexibility.
Virabhadra Yoga

A mind-body health and fitness system that integrate the core healing principles from yoga with various martial arts techniques that are delivered seamlessly with yoga postures. Its benefits includes healing-release of toxicity and improved blood circulation, increased will power and concentration, toning, strengthening of muscles and mindfulness
Yin Yoga
Yoga movements suitable for all levels, especially after runs and workouts. Exploring the body’s subtle energy’s deep stretching endurance; to cultivate a peaceful and meditating mind. In the Yin practice, concentration is keeping joints mobile, the practice is quiet and passive, it has a quality of stillness while most of the yoga styles which are yang in nature, focus on improving flexibility and muscle strengthening.
Dynamic Pilates
This session focuses on body alignment, muscle lengthening and endurance building whilst stretching muscles and   releasing tension.
Sivananda Yoga
Sivananda yoga retains the vitality of the body, retards the decaying process and decreases the chance of disease by simply and naturally cultivating the body. It creates optimal health, greater concentration and enhanced awareness.
Power Yoga
It is a powerful class focusing on movement with breath; using deep breathing techniques and linking postures together to create dynamic sequences. This is a multi-level class for students looking for an energizing, detoxifying, powerful and fun practice.
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