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Massage Experience at Willow Stream Spa Fairmont Banff Springs

Massage Experiences

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Muscle Recovery Deep Tissue—60/90 minutes
Results - Muscle Recovery
This strong-pressure massage enhances muscle recovery by targeting the areas that are sore from exercise or just tension of daily life. Deep muscle work is combined with stretching, rocking and circulation- enhancing strokes to move lactic acid out of the system. Mild soreness can be a result. 

Stress Relief - Medium Pressure - 60/90 minutes
Restore - De-stress
This customized, medium-pressure massage focuses on the areas of your body that are most tense - including your head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet - and involves the use of muscle-melting massage oil. This is a great selection after a stressful day. 

Alpine Aromatherapy - 60/90 minutes
Relieve - Calm
This personalized experience with light to medium pressure massage will help you find energy and balance throughout the day. Customize your massage with one of the following aromatherapy blends: Lavender for calming, Revitalizing for renewal or Ginger for soothing. 

Mountain Hot Stone - 60/90 minutes
Results - Deep Heat
This customized massage uses specific techniques to release and relieve deep-seated tension. The use of hot basalt river stones is interspersed with that of healing hands and our warmed balancing oil - a blend of lavender, ylang ylang, ginger and eucalyptus. This combination relieves tight muscles and improves mobility, while the aromatic oil uplifts the senses. 

Destination Rejuvenation—60/90 minutes
Restore - Recover
A selection of essential oils (to combat jet lag or facilitate altitude adjustment) distinguishes this medium-pressure massage. Focusing on the areas affected by frequent travel—legs, neck, back, shoulders and feet—this treatment helps to regulate sleep, hydrate skin, relieve tension headaches and restore energy. 

Mother -to-Be Massage - 60 minutes
Restore - Pampering
This pampering experience - designed with the safety of the mother and child in mind - involves gentle or unscented oils and support cushions for optimum comfort. 

Shiatsu - 60/90 minutes
Relieve - Invigorating
Translated as "finger pressure," shiatsu is an ancient Japanese technique that uses the thumbs, palms and elbows to manipulate acupuncture points along the body's meridians - or energy pathways - and enhance the flow of energy. 

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