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Wedding - FAQs

 Can changes be made to Wedding Packages?
While the components of our Wedding Packages may not be altered, our experienced wedding coordinator will make the necessary arrangements for any additional requests you may have! Additional requests include, but are not limited to, a photographer, videographer, florist and salon services.

 Will the hotel make arrangements in advance with a clergyman or Magistrate to officiate the ceremony?
Yes, this is one of the components included in our Wedding Packages.

 Is there a discounted rate if the ceremony is held on a weekday rather than on the weekend? 
The cost of our Wedding Package is the same for ceremonies held on a weekday or on a weekend.

 How long is the wedding ceremony? 
The duration of the ceremony depends on the format of the wedding. However, a simple ceremony takes approximately 20 - 30 minutes to complete.

 What is the best time of the day to be married? 
While the weather is beautiful throughout the day, it is usually less humid after 4:00 p.m.

 Can a wedding ceremony be arranged on a Sunday? 
As Sunday is a very busy day for the clergymen at their individual churches, Monday - Saturday are the preferred days to conduct a wedding ceremony.

 Are the beaches private? 
The laws of Barbados mandate that all beaches remain public.

 Do you offer a Vow Renewal Package? 
Yes, our Vow Renewal  Packages are popular and are available to be viewed here.


If you have questions or to book any of our wedding packages please contact our in-house wedding specialists in Barbados at (246) 422 5555.