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Fairmont Chengdu
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Local Attractions

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Pandas, temples, monasteries, shrines and ancient alleyways oh my! Discover the historical and cultural face of the city.


Wenshu Monastery
Initially built during the Tang Dynasty, Wenshu Monastery dates back 1,300 years and is one of the most well preserved Buddhist temples in the city.

Address: 66 Wenshu Monastery Street, Qingyang District 
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Dufu's Cottage

One of the city’s prized historical relics, this ancient cottage was home to Du Fu, a respected poet from the Tang Dynasty. Years later, Wei Zhuan, another famous poet from the Five Dynasties, made this his home. Reflect on the many famous poems written at this historical site and gaze on the beauty of the flowing river and flowers in the surrounding area. Du Fu’s Cottage combines incredible cultural elements with the natural garden landscape. 

Address: 28 Caotang Road, Qingyang District 

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Wu Hou Shrine  

The Three Kingdoms stands as a great warring period that greatly defines China’s long history. Visit Wu Hou Shrine, a memorial to Prime Minister Zhu Geliang. The prime minister was also known as Wuxiang Hou and posthumously named Zhong Wuhou by King Liu Chan.

Address: 231 Wuhou Street, Wuhou District

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Jinli Street
A mainstay leftover from the Han Dynasty, Jinli Ancient Street is a seemingly endless maze of alleyways filled with teahouses, inns, restaurants, handicraft stores, local snack shops and clothing boutiques. As the sun settles into the night, experience the nightlife in Old Chengdu as trendy bars and beerhouses offer you a night cap to end your day.

Address: 231 Wuhou Temple Street, Wuhou District
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Kuan Zhai Alley

Travel back in time and discover the Kuan Zhai Alley which local Chengdu citizens called home. Explore traditional courtyards, green gardens and dusty tiles among an eclectic mix of ancient architecture and modern design elements. Open your eyes to traditional Chinese living as you discover this relic, an integral part of the Chengdu Historical and Cultural Protection Project.

Address: Jinhe Road, Qingyang District

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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

Established in March 1987, this is the Giant Panda Breeding ground for not only China, but the World. The Chinese government has focused on protecting its national animal and creating a magnificent research base teeming with verdant bamboos and fertile grounds for the pandas to explore. Now home to hundreds of pandas, this is a must see stop for any visitor to the city. 

Address: 1375, Panda Street, Xindu District

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