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Fairmont Chengdu
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Local Dining

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From classic Sichuanese hot pot to tongue numbing noodles, a trove a culinary delights await! 


Zhuan Zhuan Hui

Enjoy fresh fish and organic vegetables in a traditional brick and mortar Sichuan setting at Zhuan Zhuan Hui. This is an ideal place to learn more about local culture and dining in a traditional atmosphere to boot.

Address: No. 1 glass house, 1 Tianfu Avenue (Opposite of No. 1 exhibition hall), Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu

Telephone: +86 28 8538 1999


Xiang Tian Xia

Xiang Tian Xia is one of the most popular hot pot restaurants among Chengdu locals. During the former British Prime Minister’s visit in 2013, David Cameron noted that it was the best hot pot he’s ever had! As you enter the restaurant you will be dazzled by the scintillating aroma of boiling herbs and hot pot spices. Have your try at the lighter clear soup broth or the dark spicy hot pot that Sichuan is known for.

Address: 116 Century City Road, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu

Telephone: +86 28 8519 6599


Qing’an Vega

Minimalist in style with an industrial modern décor to match, Qing’an Vega’s restaurant design is simple and organic, much in line with its notable vegetarian dishes. Get lost in your surroundings as it is the perfect place for reading, sipping on fresh tea or eating to your hearts delight.

Address: 4-1Water Street, Iron Like Temple and 88 1st Tianfu Street (near Tianfu International Community), Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu

Telephone: +86 28 8514 2219


Shunxing Old Tea House

Feast on a range of local Chengdu snacks and sip on traditional covered tea while listening to Sichuan Opera at Shunxing Old Tea House. 

Address: 166 New Exhibition Center and 1 Middle Tianfu Avenue, Hi-tech Zone, Chengdu 

Telephone: +86 28 8538 0008; +86 28 8538 0007