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Festive Happenings

Discover traditional festivals and modern events throughout the year.
Dragon Festival
Location: Huanglongxi Town
Date: Dragon Festival
Originating from the Song Dynasty, take park in the storied dragon festival in the ancient town of Huanglongxi. Festive activities include a burning dragon, dragon dance performances, river lanterns and classical Sichuan opera. The town is literally painted red, with red lanterns and candles scattered throughout the city to bring good luck and happiness to all.
Cherry Blossom Festival
Location: Qingbaijiang
Date: Mar 8 to Apr 10, 2016
Wander through the maze of cherry blossom trees and walk over roads draped in floral petals. Imagine a simpler time of antiquated China as watch the cherry blossoms bloom right before your eyes. Catch a glimpse of this beautiful sight while on a train or hire a helicopter as you spectate the view from above.
Water Pouring Festival
Location: Dujiangyan
Date: Tomb-sweeping Day
Every year during the Tomb-Sweeping Festival, locals will gather to the Dujiangyan Dam as a way to honour Li Bing, the founder of the dam, and to show appreciation for a healthy year of crop production.