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Hotel Initiatives

The Savoy
Through developments and improvements in The Savoy’s waste management program the hotel has achieved its target of diverting 100% of all waste from landfill. The Savoy works with their waste contractor to ensure waste is recycled responsibly. In-house schemes have been introduced to collect more unusual recyclable items such as candles, corks, spectacles and stamps. Even old computer and kitchen equipment is donated to local community schemes and overseas charities.

All of The Savoy’s food waste is recycled into renewable energy and nutrient-rich biofertiliser and through a combination of CHP and Anaerobic Digestion processes – a sustainable solution which is an integral part of the hotel’s carbon reduction strategy. Working with their partners, The Savoy ensures all of the hotel’s organic waste is reused in a positive way and not sent to landfill. It is estimated the equivalent energy generated provides sufficient power to light some 20% of our guest rooms.

Fairmont Makati, Philippines
As of September 2013 the Fairmont Makati has discontinued the use of non-recyclable plastic packaging and has made the transition to recyclable packaging material. The Fairmont Makati is committed to decreasing the amount of waste heading to landfill, and has made the choice to use packaging material made of cardboard, paper or eco-friendly bio-degradable plastic containers.

The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge
Over 40 Fairmont hotels currently donate, sell or convert their used cooking oil and kitchen grease into biodiesel. The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge has partnered with an organic family farm. The hotel supplies used kitchen oil to power the farm’s bio-diesel equipment. Anywhere from 60 to 100 gallons of used kitchen oil will be supplied per week to the partnering farm, who additionally has committed to supplying The Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge with all of the hotel’s organic vegetables.