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Preservations of the Past

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From historic forts to ancient mosques, journey into the past in a city rife with archaeological gems.

Al Bidyah Mosque
Built in the mid-14th century, the Al Bidyah Mosque is the oldest known mosque in the United Arab Emirates. Structured out of mud and bricks, this religious site boasts many engineering features considered impressive for its period of construction. Supported by an inner pillar, the building’s roof features four squat helical domes, while entrance to the mosque is through double-winged wooden doors. Today, it is still an active place of worship and visitors are welcomed. Ladies are advised to keep their head and shoulders covered during their visit.

Fujairah Fort
Built in 1670 and restored in the late 20th century, the historic Fujairah Fort played a pivotal role in the defense of this coastal Emirate from opposing tribesmen. Perched on a hilltop amidst luscious date tree plantations, this picturesque scene provides plenty of great photo opportunities.

Fujairah Museum
Located close to Fujairah Fort, the museum is home to collections of local artifacts and archaeological finds, some dating 4000 years old. It also offers insights into the Emirate’s story as a strategic trade route and its seafaring history of fishing and pearl diving.

Al Hayl Fort
Also known as the Palace of Wadi Hayl, Al Hayl Fort, offers glimpses into how life was like centuries ago. Nestled amongst rocky valleys, the gravel road to the castle takes you past quaint farmhouses and quiet villages. A climb right to the top is well worth the effort, as you are rewarded with mesmerizing views of majestic landscape and mountainous plains.

Al Bithnah Fort
The lesser known Al Bithnah Fort is another demonstration of Fujairah’s rich archeological heritage. Off the beaten track, it is well-worth a visit whilst en-route to a bargain-hunting afternoon at the Masafi Friday Market.