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Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge
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Telluride Film Festival

Telluride Film Festival

Each Labor Day weekend, the town of Telluride, Colorado triples in numbers for the Telluride Film Festival. Swells of passionate film enthusiasts flood the town for four days of total cinematic immersion. The Fairmont Heritage Place, Franz Klammer Lodge provides festival goers convenient accomodations and easy venue access when attending the festival.

The best way to attend the Telluride Film Festival is to buy one of the four passes: Cinephile, Acme, Festival or Patron. Depending on the level of the pass, it admits you to the Shows and events of the Festival throughout the entire weekend. One pass equals one extended weekend stuffed with film-related activities.

  • The noon Seminars in Elks park are free
  • The "Conversations" in the County Courthouse are free
  • Four film premiers-one each night-in the Open Air Cinema are free
  • The "Filmmakers of Tomorrow" programs are free
  • Films at the Backlot, located in the Library
  • The Late Show Pass, the last film at two different theaters each day, four films for $50

There are seven indoor theatres. Individual ticket sales begin 10 minutes before showtime if seats are available after passholders have been seated.

Program Guide: Its a secret. What's playing in the Telluride Film Festival program is not revealed until you reach the mountains. In what has become our tradition, three distinguished artists will be honored with a silver medallion, one presented each night of the Festival.

Movies: Picture seeing a movie before anyone else. Before the ubiquitous critics, the in-laws, your local film snobs. Imagine viewing a film without an ounce of prejudice because it is the first screening and you are its first audience.

Cinema's Past: Rediscover the treasures of early films. A range of newly restored slients with live orchestral accompaniment, the unseen films of Walt Disney, a cache of cinerama classics. The past bumps up against the present as the Festival provides a context for current cinema from what's gone before.

Special Guests: The films are wonderful, but they're only one piece of the Show. There are also the people. For starters there are 3 major film artists who will attend to accept our Tribute. In addtion, every Telluride program is presented by special guests-usually the director or key players.

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