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Destination Guide

Discover all our sanctuary has to offer through a range of unrivalled experiences.
Guests can sail away to a magical island for a picnic “just for two”, join a sunset dolphin cruise aboard the resort’s own private yacht, or even stay out in the ocean overnight to sleep under a canopy of stars. There are local cultural visits to appreciate how life for centuries has been led in close knit Maldivian communities, turtle release programmes you can get involved in or simply get closer the the marine wildlife in their own environment and go diving or snorkeling in the pristine 600-hectare lagoon that surrounds the resort.

On Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi, Thai boxing classes, yoga, tennis and football will keep sport and fitness fans active and entertained. Families are well catered for too with a Kid’s Club and Toddler’s play garden and the resort is also home to Majaa, a dedicated Teen Town, offering a wealth of engaging experiences and activities for young adults.


While we are very surprised by the sudden removal of eco-art pieces by the authorities we respect the people, traditions and customs of the Maldives. The removal process of the installed artwork was peaceful and friendly without interruption to our world famous service. The Coralarium gallery structure and the tree lined underwater coral boulevard remains intact, ensuring the coral restoration program remains alive and well. We have initiated immediate plans for the next exhibit, creating a new attraction within the Coralarium gallery.



The Coralarium is situated in the centre of the largest developed coral lagoon in the Maldives, on the island resort of Fairmont Maldives Sirru Fen Fushi and is a semi-submerged tidal gallery that interlinks the skyline, inter-tidal waterline and seabed.
The work aims to create a direct pathway to the ocean. A long swimming pool transects the island and denotes the starting point. The installation begins by following this line into the clear shallow waters of the sea where an underwater coral pavement begins. Sea-scaped with underwater poplar trees and endemic planted corals it heads 100m through the shallows towards the underwater realm, a symbolic pathway to another world and the starting point of the artistic intervention.
After a 50m snorkel/swim you encounter a submerged staircase which leads up towards a semi submerged tidal building. The building is cube shaped, six metres tall, with its front façade submerged up to median tide of three metres. The design of the walls is based on natural coral structures and is porous to allow the tides, current and marine life to pass through it and the structure to “breathe” within its location. The complex structural formation is designed to dissipate oceanic forces whilst creating a protective space that encourages nature to colonise and seek refuge. The construction, using high grade, polished, marine stainless steel aims to reflect and mirror the surrounding blues of the coral atoll and the sky above. A mirage on the horizon, that over time will take on the patina of the sea as it becomes colonised by algae and weathers within the environment.
The entrance of the building is situated above water and leads into a dry elevated viewing platform. The roof is perforated with a coral pattern to allow beams of light to illuminate the individual works and a series of submerged lights to illuminate the space during the night. The Coralarium becomes a portal or interface to the wonders of the underwater world.
Access to the Coralarium is available through guided tours in small groups lead by the resort’s resident marine biologists several times a day.

  • Art Studio - Create and Craft

    Be inspired to create, whenever the mood strikes. Our Art Studio offers all the tools and materials to paint, sculpt or draw on your own or under the instructions of our talented resident artist. Let your muse be your guide, grab a canvas and express yourself.

  • Diving and Snorkeling - Reef Reveling

    Explore the wonders of the underwater world. Snorkel out to our pristine reef to encounter fascinating marine life in the company of our experienced guides. If you are lucky you may glimpse turtles and stingrays.

  • Sunset Dolphin Tour - Dolphin Delight

    Get ready with your cameras for one of the most fascinating experiences of your holiday: dozens of dolphins frolicking in the light of the setting sun. Or just capture the magical scene in your mind’s eye as you sip Champagne served with a selection of delectable canapés.

  • Sunset Fishing - Line Fishing

    For centuries, fishing has been the mainstay of the Maldivian economy. Experience the glorious colours of the sunset aboard our traditional Maldivian dhoni and learn traditional line fishing methods using tuna as bait. Cook your catch on return.

  • Water Sports

    We offer a full range of non-motorised and motorised water sport options. Paddle out in a sea kayak or zip around the lagoon in our Hobie Cat (with an instructor if you are not a confident sailor), water ski behind our luxury motor boat, or take the jet ski for a spin. Lessons are available for all

  • Local Island Experience

    Maldivian Footsteps: Journey to a nearby, inhabited island to experience the local way of life. Explore the charming island community and delight in their warm welcome. This friendliness is typical of every Maldivian island

  • Local Cultural Tours - Local Life

    A visit to Utheemu Island, the historical and cultural capital of the Maldives, is a must for a cultural fix. Just 45 minutes by speedboat from the resort, the island and its exquisite palace trace the uprising against the Portuguese 200 years ago.

  • Castaway Picnics - Natural Dining

    Let us whisk you away to one of our lush, uninhabited neigbouring islands for a true castaway experience. Hop aboard our boat with your picnic basket and snorkelling gear, and sail to an island where you will be left alone to enjoy your day in the sun.

  • Overnight Cruises - Night Sky

    Enjoy the stunning Maldivian night sky from the privacy of our luxurious yacht. Escape from the world with your significant other for a divine meal under the stars. Plot your course home by the light of the moon and star gaze to your heart’s content.

  • Natural Memories - Plant A Tree

    Plant a tree at Sirru Fen Fushi to create a living reminder of your time in the Maldives. This is also a great excuse to come back and see how your tree is doing.

  • Coral Restoration - Marine Maintenance

    At Sirru Fen Fushi, we care deeply for the environment and have created new artificial reefs that help boost the health, diversity and abundance of coral. Once populated, these artificial reefs will allow guests to witness the growth of a colourful new undersea garden.

  • Cooking Classes - Maldivian Master Chef

    Discover Maldivian cuisine under the expert guidance of our chef. Let us equip you with the skills to recreate your new favourite dishes when you get home. Fish is typically the order of the day – and why not when you can enjoy freshly caught tuna.

  • Destination Dining

    Feel the powder-soft sand between your toes as you enjoy a delicious meal paired with the finest wines and Champagnes. Your private chef will create a memorable meal under the stars. Just say the word.

  • Tennis Court

    Take to the court and improve your serve, backhand or volley game with our experienced team of hitters who will give you tips and put you through your paces. Enjoy a great workout.

  • Beach Volley Ball

    Enjoy a friendly game of volleyball on the beach of Sirru Fen Fushi. A great way of staying fit and bond with the family and new-found friends.