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Signature experience at Willow Stream Spa Mayakoba


Cha Chac Rain Ritual  

90 minutes
Restore—Deep hydration
In the Mayan language, cha means “to let go,” and Chac, the rain god, is one of the most important gods in Mayan history. We invite you to enter the Cha Chac Rain Room and leave the outside world behind. This experience begins with a traditional blessing and burning of copal incense. Then, you’ll relax on the rain table while a healing body mask of cornmeal, clay and oats is applied. Your skin is then exfoliated with an ayate cloth, followed by an overhead rinse of warm rainwater. A massage with sage oil is the final luxurious ingredient.

Mayan Clay Purification 

90 minutes
For centuries, Mayans have incorporated massage, healing herbs, bathing rituals and clays for physical and spiritual healing. This experience starts with the presentation of a Mexican sarong (which you may take home) and a bundle of ruda herbs. In the treatment room, a mask of Mayan clay is applied to the body. When it has dried, the clay is exfoliated and removed with water and a cactus-fiber ayate cloth. A massage follows, using sage oil applied with warmed Mexican obsidian stones. Discover energy from the earth.

Mexican Obsidian Stone

90 minutes
Results—Tension relief
Relieve daily stresses the Mayakoba way. Willow Stream Balancing Oil is combined with Mexican obsidian stones—believed to connect and balance the mind and emotions—warmed in water to create a deep-heat massage and a unique aroma.

Mayan Bath Ritual 

90 minutes
The Mayan bath ritual is an ancient tradition that symbolizes the cleansing of the body and soul. In the spirit of tradition, this ritual starts with a purification blessing of copal incense. A body mask of cornmeal, yogurt and honey is then applied. You are then immersed in an herbal flower bath and given an ayate cloth to exfoliate the mask. A nourishing massage follows, featuring a selection of oils, including coconut, sage and tropical euphoria.

Chocolate, Food of the Gods 

60 minutes
Chocolate (ka’kaw) was highly revered in pre-Hispanic Mexico—considered edible gold and offered as a tribute to the gods. Today we acknowledge its high levels of antioxidants, and appreciate its ability to nourish the body inside and out. This experience includes a cacao body wrap, a scalp massage and a nourishing massage application of pure coconut oil and rose essence.

Honey in the Heart

60 minutes
Relieve—Pure bliss
In the traditional Mayan temazcal (sweat lodge) ceremony, honey is used to remind us of the sweetness of life, and the name of this treatment is derived from the traditional Mayan blessing, “All good things. No evil. Honey in the heart. Thirteen thank yous.” This pampering experience begins with a honey body mask, which nourishes and hydrates the skin before being removed with a “rainforest rinse” under a Vichy shower. This is followed by a relaxing massage and ends with a sip of honey. (We recommend that you take a steam before this treatment, to help eliminate impurities and encourage deep cleansing.)

Sun Worshipper Skin Quencher 

60 minutes
Relieve sun-exposed skin and instantly soothe sunburn. This experience begins with a therapeutic aloe-glaze wrap, followed by a gentle foot massage. The healing continues with an application of aloe and rosehip oil, keeping skin hydrated and cool.

Papaya Body Illumination

60 minutes
This exotic body exfoliation pairs fresh fruit enzymes—one of nature’s best remedies for skin-cell renewal—with native cornmeal, creating a gentle polish that illuminates your skin with a healthy glow. Tropical-flower oils of jasmine and ylang-ylang are combined with lime and applied to the body, conditioning and softening your skin and leaving you radiant from head to toe.

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