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Fairmont Nanjing
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Local Attractions

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Confucius Temple
This top tourist attraction was once home to the imperial examination testing centre for the entire Jiangsu Region. Students studied rigorously for months to write the multi-day national exam. The area is a massive labirynth of shops, traditional buildings, restaurants serving a host of local Nanjing food and teahouses. Be sure to grab your camera and take snapshots of the illuminated Qinghai River that flows through the temple area. Highly recommended to go at night.
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City Wall of Nanjing
Founded in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) Nanjing boasts the longest original city wall in the world today. It took over 200,000 workers to move 7 million cubic metres of earth and 21 years to fully complete this project. Each brick that the wall is comprised of has an engraving listing the company and year of where and when the brick was formed. The idea was to instill a sense of ownership in one’s work as faulty bricks could easily be traced back to the brick producer. Stretches of the wall are open for guests to traverse on top of and marvel at a stunning view of the city.
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Purple Mountain
For those looking for a bit of adventure and nature, take a trip to Purple Mountain located right in the city. While the view at the top isn’t spectacular, it remains a great choice to get some fresh air and spend some time in nature. Choose to take the 1-2 hour hike or the cable car to the summit.
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Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum
The final resting place of the leader of the 1911 revolution and the founding father of Modern Day China. Located on one side of Purple Mountain, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen’s tomb sits at a clearing in the forest on top of a long set of stairs. Experience one of the most magnificent views in the city offering plenty of options of amateur photographers.
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Xuanwu Lake
The perfect place for a picnic, paddleboat ride, afternoon jog or people watching. Xuanwu Lake is a prime showcase for the natural beauty of Nanjing. Complete with an amusement park, small zoo and snack vendors, the lake has something for everyone. Try to catch the matchmakers on the weekend where parents and grandparents post their children’s profile with the hope of attracting a suitable mate.
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