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Fairmont Nanjing
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Nanjing Museum
Admission: Free
Address: 321 Zhongshan Dong Lu
This newly renovated museum is the crown jewel among the many exhibitions in the city. Eleven exhibition halls display traditional art and culture from China’s old capital and include a mix of poetry, bronze artifacts, classical silk pieces and historical relics. A few stand out pieces include a jade burial suit and an arched door from the Ming Era Pocelian Pagoda. Walk through time as you wander through the streets of “old Nanjing”, a section of the museum where old shops and restaurants are restored to their state decades ago.
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Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall 
Admission: Free
Address: 418 Shuximen Da Jie
During World War II, hundreds of thousands of Chinese died at the hands of Japanese troops in Nanjing. This Memorial Hall is dedicated to those victims. Learn about their stories through sculptures, murals, artwork, autobiographies and newspaper clippings. At the end of the hall are two partially excavated mass-burial sites revealing the final resting place for some of the victims.
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Nanjing Brocade Museum
Admission: Free
Address: 240 East Chating Road
Boasting over 1,500 years of history, Nanjing brocade is highly regarded as one of the best forms of silk in the world. Discover beautiful colourful silk patterns found in artwork and clothes and see what royalty wore in the ancient days. Marvel at the brocade masters and they use a complicated two-manned brocade machine to create their fine silk masterpieces. 
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Presidential Palace
Admission: ¥40
Address: 292 Changjiang Lu
Having been the capital of China for many decades, the Presidential Palace stands as one of the most important buildings in the city. The Palace includes the old offices of many top government officials of the Nationalistic Government including Chiang Kai-Shek and Sun Yat-Sen. It is also one of the few places in mainland china where the flag of the Republic of China is raised.
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