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State Of One

State Of One Wellbeing

In an attempt to deliver a profound unique wellbeing experience for clients at Willow Stream Spa in Fairmont The Palm, it is a delight for State of One to offer a range of wellbeing related experiences, an array of far Asian, Hawaiian, Amazonian and Tibetan techniques, not to forget the powerful modern Drama/Art Therapy techniques. It was in Amritapuri Ashram Valikau, South India where Wissam and Laura got to know first each other and the transformative power of ancient, almost forgotten practices (Bhakti Yoga - devotion and love and Dhyana Yoga Meditation). They realized this transformation that happened to them personally, can happen to anyone. From there, guided by the grace of their Guru Mata Amritandamayi Devi (known to the world as AMMA - meaning Mother). Wissam and Laura undertook a 2 year quest personally practicing and learning different tools and methods of Wellbeing. The realization that these practices are profound effective technologies to excel physically, mentally and spiritually, ensuring a being functions to the utmost potential and thus should be accessible for everyone, inspired Wissam and Laura to found State of One.

State of One Offer of the Month

A careful synchronization between Hawaiian Tibetan massage techniques and guided visualization’s (Ho’oponopono) infused by the soothing sounds of Meditation Bowls.

Price: The 60 minute State of One experience is priced at AED 450 per person

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