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Fairmont Peace Hotel
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Shanghai Top 10

Night River Cruise Tour on Huangpu River

Enjoy a night in Shanghai by taking a night cruise on the beautiful Huangpu River.  Here you can see the amazing city landmarks, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center Tower, the Shanghai Tower and much more!


Have Fun at Disneyland Park

Shanghai's new Disneyland Park is the first Disney theme park in mainland China, blending the magic of Disney and the unique cultural heritage of China. There are six themed lands in the park.

On entering the park, you will be captivated by a sense of being in another world with countless adventures and limitless fun. It is a great place to visit with family and friends.


The World’s Highest Observation Deck

Have you ever been at over 500m to see the tops of the buildings of a city? No, this isn;t on a plane or in a helicopter! It’s high time to excite your senses on the 118th floor of the Shanghai Tower. Standing in front of the 360° glass windows, you can see far and wide to admire the colorful modern buildings of Shanghai downtown: the Huangpu River, winding through the city; the Bund, decorated with various international buildings; and the blue sky that you can almost touch. It is also the best place to enjoy the stunning shining night views of this “Magic City” with its changing lights along the streets and on the thousands of tall buildings.


Enjoy the famous Old Jazz Band

A must do for your first trip to Shanghai. The most famous jazz troupe in Shanghai can be found each night playing at the legendary Jazz Bar in the iconic Fairmont Peace Hotel. The house 'Old Jazz Band' is made up of six charming, elderly Shanghainese musicians, whose average age is 82. For decades these players have entertained audiences including U.S. Presidents Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, and Bill and Hillary Clinton. This is as authentic as it gets. People coming from all over the world swarm to experience their unique jazz music – a most memorable experience, not to be missed.


Walking on the Bund

A hot spot for chic restaurants and shopping opportunities, the Bund is a must-see destination when visiting Shanghai. Architectural styles include gothic, baroque, Romanesque, and renaissance. The city view along the Bund area in the evening is the most prosperous, which you shouldn't miss out.


Enjoy exhibits at the Shanghai Museum

Located on the People's Square, near Nanjing Road, the "glassy" Shanghai Museum has a large collection of rare cultural relics — over 120,000 pieces. An example of artefacts to be seen include over 400 beautifully decorated bronzes. Some exhibits have English descriptions, including the Ancient Ceramics, Ancient Bronzes, and Ancient Sculptures.


Fish for fashion around Tianzifang

Shoppers and wanderers take note: this engaging warren of stone-gate houses, historic architecture and hip boutiques is the perfect spot for browsing while soaking in the flavours of the ever-elusive traditional Shanghai neighbourhood. The intriguing mix of lane houses, wi-fi cafes, art galleries and fashion shops fills out this residential community.  It is always alive with people enjoying its incomparable vibe.


Walk and Shop along Nanjing Road

The famous Nanjing Road is an equivalent of New York's Fifth Avenue. Get a taste of bustling Chinese commerce where retailers from all over the world display their products.


Go on an Old Town culture quest

With its shaded alcoves, sparkling pools flashing with goldfish, beckoning classical pavilions, rustling bamboo and rocky recesses, Yuyuan Gardens is one of Shanghai’s most eminent sights. This prompts a caveat: classical Chinese gardens were not designed to accommodate daily visitor figures topping a thousand. Securing that unique, tranquil atmosphere that brought these gardens fame can be a mission improbable.  Get there early to feel the essence of a garden within a city; a quiet retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.


Xiao Long Bao: as Shanghai as you can get

Everyone who's tried them loves them, the little soup dumplings with humble origins. The brilliance of the dish is in its simplicity. It's hard to mess up Xiao Long Bao, but some chefs elevate the food to the status of art with their attention to the wrapping and the addition of only the freshest, sometimes gourmet, ingredients. You can have this delicacy at our Chinese Restaurant, the Dragon Phoenix at the Fairmont Peace Hotel.