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San Diego Resort Spa | Fairmont Hotels | San Diego, California

Touch Therapies

Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD)
30 minutes $110 Monday–Thursday, $130 Friday–Sunday
60 minutes $195 Monday–Thursday, $215 Friday–Sunday
90 minutes $280 Monday–Thursday, $300 Friday–Sunday
Using a light, rhythmic technique, Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) boosts immunity, removes toxins and induces a deep state of relaxation. A 30-minute treatment targets the face and neck, alleviating congestion and sinusitis, improving skin conditions, puffy eyes and dark circles, and accelerating facial surgery recovery. More detailed 60- and 90-minute treatments reduce inflammation, relieve pain and promote full-body healing.

This treatment is most effective when booked in a series.

Herbal Reflexology 
60 minutes $195 Monday–Thursday, $215 Friday–Sunday
Rosemary and rose petals infuse a warm, detoxifying Epsom salt footbath, followed by a hand and foot reflexology massage to clear energy pathways and stimulate total wellness by addressing the body’s organs.

Herbal Salt Scrub
30 minutes $110 Monday–Thursday, $130 Friday–Sunday
Indigenous, aromatic rosemary works in synergy with a stimulating, cascading Vichy shower to deliver an experience of exhilarating, restorative wellness.

60 minutes $215 MondayThursday, $235 Friday-Sunday
This energizing Vichy shower experience begins with a full-body dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic system, followed by a nutrient-rich sea salt body scrub. A relaxing application of hydrating body oil follows, leaving the skin soft and glowing. 

60 minutes $195 Monday–Thursday, $215 Friday–Sunday
90 minutes $280 Monday–Thursday, $300 Friday–Sunday
From soothing Swedish to tension-releasing deep tissue, the Therapeutic massage is personalized to your specific pressure preference and areas of tension, pain or chronic issues. Release tightness, reduce muscle pain, increase circulation and simply relax.

60 minutes $195 Monday–Thursday, $215 Friday–Sunday
This relaxing maternity massage promotes circulation, soothes discomfort and reduces tension. Extra care and body pillows enhance comfort and support while lying down. This treatment may be experienced after the first trimester.

Sole Comfort
30 minutes $110 Monday–Thursday, $130 Friday–Sunday
Following a purifying rosemary compress, our relaxing therapeutic foot massage restores balance while easing tendons and reviving tired, aching feet.

Stony Silence
90 minutes $300 Monday–Thursday, $320 Friday–Sunday
Subtle, penetrating heat from this warm stone massage addresses muscular aches and pain as it soothes the body and mind. This ritualistic treatment helps improve circulation and melt away stress, anxiety and tension.

Golf Revitalization
60 minutes $195 Monday–Thursday, $215 Friday–Sunday
Designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain, relax the hips and lower back, and increase range of motion, this service promotes pain-free play and a lower handicap. Stretching, a cold or hot clay wrap, and aromatic oils are used on key parts of the body associated with the sport of golf to leave the muscles and mind revitalized for your next round.

Between Two Worlds
75 minutes $235 MondayThursday, $255 FridaySunday
Perfect for reducing anxiety, this light touch therapy with aromatic oils targets nerve pathways to inspire a deep, soulful relaxation. A sweet-grass compress follows to awaken the senses and reconnect you with the earth.

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