Signature Events
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Signature Events

Imagine the buzz when your attendees discover an early meeting is accompanied by a delicious and healthy breakfast, learn the opening reception is to be a one-of-a-kind themed party or the conference is to be punctuated by a can’t-miss outing. Fairmont Hotels & Resorts understands that challenge and has the perfect solution: Fairmont Signature Events.

Whether you choose an on-site themed event or you opt for an off-site experience, Fairmont Signature Events are unique, turn-key celebrations that simply cannot be replicated anywhere else. Choose one of these options and your work is done! Our planners have already planned everything for you. Here at The Fairmont Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten the options include:

Charity Dinner with several live-cooking stations and fabulous guest entertainment.

Off-site Catering with up to 500 guest by offering the client a full-service organisation.

Conferences with perfectly equipped meeting rooms, state of the Art Technology and a healthy food selection.

Reflecting the hotel’s heritage or looking to the future, Fairmont Signature Events celebrate the best we have to offer.