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Fairmont Yangcheng Lake
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Local Attractions

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Zhouzhuang - China’s #1 Water Town
Distance from the hotel: 40 km (50 min by car)
Zhouzhuang is located in the south west of Kunshan City and is named as "China's No. 1 Water Town". It is surrounded by the Cheng Lake, Baixian Lake and, Dian Mountain. It boastsshan a history of over 900 years and this ancient town is highly recognized as idyllic water town of the south Yangtze Delta Region.

Jinxi - The picturesque town filled with 26 ancient bridges
Distance from the hotel: 30 km (40 min by car)
Jinxi is located in the southern part of Kunshan, and close to the Dianshan Lake in the east. As far back as the new Stone Age, ancestors had already lived and multiplied here, and created splendid prehistoric civilization. Legend says that Chen Fei, an imperial concubine of Emperor Xiaozong of the Song Dynasty died of disease and was buried in water here, thus Jinxi once changed to Chen's tomb and continued to be called so for up to 800 years. In 1993, the name of Jinxi was restored. The ancient stone bridges of Jinxi are famous and can not be missed. It is rare in China to find 26 ancient bridges in different styles within only one square kilometer, most of these ancient bridges were built during the Ming and Qing dynasty.

Qiandeng — A Refined Ancient Town
Distance from the hotel: 28 km (40 min by drive)
Qiandeng is located in the southeast of Kunshan. China's great patriotic ideologist Gu Yanwu was born in Qiandeng town. Kun Opera, originated in Qiandeng, was awarded one of UNESCO's "Human Beings' Verbal and Intangible Cultural Heritage Representative Works".

Tinglin Park
Distance from the hotel: 10 km (20 min by drive)
The national 4A scenic spot - Tinglin Park is situated at the east foot of Ma'an Mountain, northwest of Kunshan. It was originally named Ma'an Mountain Park when built in 1906. Later, in order to commemorate the patriotic scholar Gu Yanwu, it was renamed Tinglin Park. With an ancient history, it is characterized by its numerous places of historical interest and beautiful natural scenery. Look out for the rare plants and bizarre rocks littered throughout the landscape..

Kunshan Urban Ecological Forest Park
Distance from the hotel: 7 km (10 min by drive)
Situated in the western district of Kunshan, it is the largest urban forest park in East China Region, and acts just like a huge natural oxygen bar. In the park there are fourteen scenic spots to explore including aas racecourse, deer garden, beach, flower garden and lake. Spanning over 500,000 sq m, this park is home to over half a million trees and the perfect space to spend time with friends and family.

Peonica Garden Theme Park
Distance to Fairmont Yangcheng Lake: 20 km (25 minutes by drive)
Located in Kunshan Zhangpu Town, Peonica Garden  theme Park is the first national agritourist demonstration. Its two barbecue areas may cater for a maximum of 1,200 guests. This theme park is home to numerous varieties of flowers. At the same time, it is also an ideal place for vacations and amusement together.

The Four Famous Gardens in Suzhou 
Cang Lang Pavilion
Distance to Fairmont Yangcheng Lake: 30 km (40 minutes drive)
Located in the southern part of Suzhou, and is one of the four most famous gardens of the city. It is the oldest of the Suzhou gardens that can be traced back to the Northern Song Dynasty(906-1127). Unlike other gardens, Canglang Pavilion emphasizes the harmony between manmade buildings and the natural environment.

The Humble Administrator's Garden
Distance to Fairmont Yangcheng Lake: 23 km (38 minutes drive)
The Humble Administrator's Garden. First laid out in 1509 AD, the garden's scenery is focused on a central pond with various buildings of pavilions, terraces, chambers and towers located by the water or on hillocks in a natural, unsophisticated and appropriate composition. 

The Lion Grove Garden
Distance to Fairmont Yangcheng Lake: 23 km (38 minutes drive)
A compact yet harmoniously spaced locale, the Lion Grove Garden has a prominent part for series of man-made mountains with various buildings around the lake, and an artificial waterfall and cliffs at the edge of the lake on the west.

The Lingering Garden
Distance to Fairmont Yangcheng Lake: 30 km (40 minutes drive)
Occupying an area of 23,300 square meters (about 5.8 acres), the Lingering Garden is located outside Changmen Gate in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province. Originally a classical private garden, it is one of the four most famous gardens in China. Possessing typical Qing style, it is well-known for the exquisite beauty of its magnificent halls, and the various sizes, shapes, and colors of the buildings. In 1997, the garden was recorded on the list of the world heritage by UESCO.